Scaler 2.4 rocks at... Jazz and blues!

Not a surprise, but the reason I drooled over it tonight is that Keys Lock works now, and worked very well with the Hammond solo!

In Italy there is a rare motto that is “Ho goduto come un riccio” (almost untranslatable in English, but let’s say “I was in a flutter” :rofl:) and is perfect to describe what I felt doing that solo

It is anything but perfect, but it is my first time that I am able to try doing what I always dreamed doing, so it’s spectacular to me

MOREOVER :zap: :zap: :zap:

The new option to send Scaler MIDI output to different channels is wonderful!

Just too bad that sub-channnels aren’t allowed, because I could spare 2 MIDI tracks with it @Ed1 :wink:

Anyway, here is the routing

Below is the 2 Scaler XMLs feeding the Hammond accompaniment and guiding my solo

The Hammond accompaniment is easy to hear at the intro, a bit less late: I must use 2 Hammonds next times, or learn how to raise the volume of one of the 2 VB3-II keyboards, if feasible

Scaler-hammond 1.xml (11.2 KB) Scaler-hammond solo.xml (11.0 KB)

And here is the Jazz/blues tune

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Brilliant, thanks for teaching me that one - never ever heard it!:

Io penso che un riccio quando nasce, da poche ore, gode, perché dice “evviva sono nato”… quindi si apre, i suoi aculei si aprono, e sono felici tutti insieme.
I ricci godono.

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I see…
A meme jumped out by a modern ignoramus child puffed by garbage media

BTW, have you noticed the pun is stated as born in 2010 because the stupid modern custom of searching on Internet only?

Actually, this pun was well known when I was a child… :rofl:
And the meaning is totally different!

It is related to the fact hedgehogs copulates in the doggy style, but the female has many quills on the back, that are lowered just when the lady is “easy”

So males prick often their selves in the “parti nobili” (Italian polite form with the meaning of essential nuts :rofl:) before they can even start doing the job, and each prick is a vocalization that mimes a continuous flutter :grinning:

A further meaning is that, because it’s such a “hard job”, when they succeed they come in a flutter as nobody else