Scaler 2.5.0. as a MIDI FX Un-usable with Logic Pro X 10.7.2

So I just got off a call with Apple Customer Support and realized Scaler 2.5 was the issue:

Essentially, if I have Scaler loaded as a MIDI FX on an instrument, and create (or duplicate) the track to load another instrument with a different instance of Scaler, when I have the new track selected it will play as normal, but if I then select the old track, it will continue to trigger sound from the new track only (and not play the current instrument selected). Then randomly no sound will come out of either instrument while selected. This essential makes it impossible to do anything with Scaler. Also Logic has been crashing randomly whenever I am using Scaler but without it is fine. Please help and fix this bug ASAP!

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I cannot stress how important it is to include your OS and computer system info when trying to suss out what is happening. Also - did you use a previous version of Scaler and it worked correctly or just 2.5. What version of Logic?

MacOS 11.6.1; Logic 10.7.2; Scaler 2.5. Not having any problems or crashes on my end using as a MidiFX.

I have crashed a few times with Logic while using Scaler.

As listed in the title, I am using Logic Pro X 10.7.2, and my OS is Monterey 12.0.1.

I believe I was already using Scaler 2.5, and it was only after I updated my OS and Logic Pro that things started really misbehaving. It’s almost like you can’t have more than 1 instance of Scaler as it begins to control another track (other than the one selected), then go silent and then crash the DAW.

Multiple posts here mentioning Logic / Monterey, with various suggestions on the problems, so worth a search here to see if any help.

Being a Windows user, a Mac is something I wear when it’s raining and although I have been to Monterey on a bucket list trip down Cabrillo / Pacific Coast Highway, I am unable to help further, but I expect others more knowledgeable will chime in :pensive:

I too have experienced frequent crashes when using Scaler 2.5 as a MIDI FX in Logic 10.7.2.
And I am using Big Sur 11.6.2
Until now Scaler hasn’t caused any problems at all so this came as a total surprise!
Seems to happen at random. Most recently when I simply edited a chord. Strange…

This is a confirmed problem with Logic Pro X 10.7.2. Because the same behaviour is observed when any third party MIDI-FX is used. I suggest users to send a report to apple regarding this.

And yes, I do have the same problem with Monterey and Logic 10.7.2. It seems that Apple did something weird…

After installing Logic Pro 10.7.2 I experienced frequent Scaler 2.5 crashes on Big Sur 11.6.2 but all of a sudden not a single crash for several days. Very strange but also very good! :partying_face: :crazy_face:

Can confirm the exact same issue is happening with me using Logic 10.7.2 and Scaler 2.5.

I’ve also been having issues with Logic and Komplete Kontrol A49. Running Logic in Rosetta seemed to solve most of that problem but did nothing to fix the Scaler bug.

I suppose we’ll have to wait for an update from Apple…