Scaler 2.5.0 loading slow in Ableton 10?

I recently bought Scaler 2 is it normal the plugin is loading slow in Ableton 10 (latest version 10.1.42)?
When I load the plugin on a channel or do show/hide when its already loaded the plugin window is white for a few seconds before it loads ?

I don’t have this issue with any other plugins.
I’m on mac High sierra, Macbook pro 2,2 GHz Intel Core i7 and 16GBRam

Try turning off OpenGL. This has helped me and many others. Do a search for ScalerSettings and turn off Render with OpenGL.

After turning off OpenGL, I have no more white screen but scaler keeps loading slow when you do hide/show in Ableton… not instant like other plugs…

Also when I press the Help/registration it takes about 6 seconds before it show the “about” window.

Is this normal behaviour ?

Hi @Arttra

that’s not normal…

Scaler does only one thing when you open the popup, it checks the license file on disk. This is pretty much instant on any device.

Do you have any specific software running in the background? Anti-malware, system scans or file indexing?


Nope, I already tryed deleting everything and a reinstall but got the same issue…

The license file is in my download folder, so its weird it load so long.

Also the show/hide function in abelton is slow if I compare with the tutorials where it instant opens when you press show/hide… weird…

The plugin itself functions pretty good.


This might not help at all, but we’ve had users with weird issues before. From the top of my head it came down to not having enough free space on disk, or having folder automatically sync to the cloud.

In both cases the system was slowing down a lot probably due to the disk being busy doing its own thing instead of serving Scaler.

Maybe if you configured custom folders Scaler spends a lot of time trying to find the sound files or chord sets wherever they are…

Do you have another machine, or a friend’s device where you could compare if it works properly there?

I have enough disk space and nothing thats synced to a cloud…

Where is the license saved in a macbook ?

Because even when I delete all files and license from scaler and reinstall scaler the vst is still registered without a license file on the computer ?

So I must be “remembered” somewhere.