Scaler 2.5 adding in very short notes in Performances

Hi, I have come across an issue where Scaler is adding very short notes on each bar when in Performance mode. It seems to do this in most of the various Performances when Humanize is on.
It also bumps everything down an octave on the second play and then lower again next time.
I am using Scaler 2.5 in Studio One 5.4.1 with an Oxygen Pro 61 keyboard
Short notes circled in red:

Hi and Welcome @mrtomuk,

Thanks for reporting, we will take a look.

Welcome to the forum, mrtomuk.
I remember that this was already discussed in some mail.
The question you raise doesn’t just happen with Humanize. Normally it happened with any Perfomance, and with the assignment of voices (voice grouping).
Try performances, but without voice grouping. It usually works for me in Ableton and Reaper. I do not know if it will be valid for Studio One. I am sure that someone on the forum with Studio One will be able to help more. Luck

Hey Thomas (and @Frederic )

I use S1 and I’m trying to replicate your scenario.

Can I ask how are you capturing your MIDI? From you scrape I see you have midi record turned on in Scaler so you can drag and drop but it also looks like you are setup to have Scaler drive Scaler and capture the midi notes in S1 directly.

I ask because the only time I can get the mini notes at the end of a recorded event when I’m

  1. Recording directly in S1 with transport synch turned on and
  2. I manually stop record/playback from S1 while playing and
  3. I happen to hit on a note that is just starting to be played. (this is the random element)

If I time the stop right or let the chords play w/out without stopping them manually, I never get a mini note.

To really stress test this, I’m using the fastest performance mode I can find @ 2x speed. I’ve generated thousands of notes and the only time I get the mini notes (1/64T) is when I hit stop on my record button.

This might not be your situation, but it is one that will generate these little notes.


Thanks for your replies.
I have managed to replicate it.
I am opening Scaler 2.5 in Studio One, Pick an Artist/Song, turn on voice grouping and humanize, drag the chords from “A” to “C”, then drag from the “Drag” button to a new midi track.
It’s inconsistent, for example I have the following set up. All I am changing is the Voice Grouping and dragging out the midi each time. The one shown on the piano roll has super short notes on the lowest note when I tried Dynamic+1, change it to Grouping C3-4 and it’s fine, change back to Dynamic+1 and it’s also fine. Try a few Grouping options and sometimes it does it, sometimes not.

It’s a minor thing and easy to clear up but seems to pop up for me however I use it.

This shows up for me still on Mac in Cubase. It’s much better then before but it is there. I had not thought to test different groupings but that would explain intermittent happenings. When I get time I’ll do some tests.