Scaler 2.5 and Bitwig Projects Created with Scaler 2.4


I wonder if anyone else here uses Bitwig Studio and has observed the same as I have, or the contrary (or in any other DAW, for that metter) -

After opening a project I completed in Summer/Fall 2021 with Bitwig and Scaler 2.4, I find that I cannot open the Scaler plugin windows.

If I delete the existing Scaler devices and replace them with new Scaler 2.5 devices (2.5 is what I now have installed), that solves the issue (but at the cost of losing the saved plugin state).

Are there any changes on the Scaler side from 2.4 to 2.5 which would be expected to cause us not to be able to open the plugin window when an old 2.4-created project is loaded into a DAW at a later time when 2.5 is the current installation?

I’m just trying to figure out the disconnect, I don’t know if is a Scaler thing, a Bitwig thing, a plugs-in-general thing, or a freaky “this combination only” thing!

I have not heard of this. If you need the old projects I would reinstall 2.4, Open and save the Scaler State and then reinstall 2.5. Hopefully you don’t have many projects that you haven’t saved the state.
@Bernd is the resident Bitwig expert so maybe he’ll weigh in with his expertise.