Scaler 2.5 classical experiment

Here’s a Scaler 2.5 classical experiment that I did recently.

All of the notes were generated as midi by Scaler 2.5 and feed the Unify instruments.

4 Unify instances
4 layers of Appassionato strings (Violin1, Viola, Cello, Bass), with macros set to cc1 and cc11 to control the Spitfire plugin using automation in Cakewalk

Appassionato strings Bass
Abbey Road One Legendary Low Strings

Labs Glass Piano soft
Unify MM1 Rvb Only C3

Sonuscore Ha Pi Plucked


Nice work.
I try to do quite often something similar with Scaler Chords and Spitfire instruments. However, I don’t do it so good as you do.
I use Reaper with ReaLearn to control CC with my MIDI controllers, KORG NanoKontrol2 and AKAI MPD 218. The former is used for expression, dynamic, reverb and vibrato, and the latter to select on the fly different articulations.


I also use a Korg NanoKontrol2. It works well with Cakewalk.

Take a look at Unify from It’s very helpful in grouping instruments to be played by Scaler.

I like that, sounds great, just goes to show how versatile Scaler can be. I to have been experimenting with classical themes but nothing as good as this, my effort of (for want of a better title) “Epic trailer” can be heard at Listen to Epic Trailer by Sprocker Rock on #SoundCloud


Beautiful! I love it

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Thanks to everyone for listening.

Recently, I started publishing on Youtube. My first tries (of any kind of music) with photos - mine or form Unsplash. My last published orchestral song, based on Scaler progressions, is called On the Banks of the Quiet River.


Very nice Martin !

A piece I did earlier last year. Some Scaler strings, and synth/piano in Studio 1.


Nice Dave. I like it.