Scaler 2.5 compatible with Logic 10.6.3 for Mac M1 Big Sur 11.6

I downloaded scaler 2.5 from the plug boutique holiday sales. Installed the software. Launched Logic Pro 10.6.3 and it is no where to be found in my plug-in dropdowns. Any clues?

Ho @orlyangelo This happens often in macOS when installing plugins. Restart your machine and it will be there. Failing that go to plugin preferences in Logic and select Scaler and "reset and rescan selection’

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@davide Thanks for the tips…

  1. I restarted
  2. Selected “open rosetta” in the get info panel for Logic Pro
  3. Restarted again
  4. Then I inspected the plug in manager below see screenshot. with a “crashed violation” error.
  5. Please advise…

Scaler control is checked and that is the one you need for Logic. It shows up under MIDI FX.
You can click the check box on the others to activate and see if they work.

Yes correct just click those two unchecked boxes and reset and rescan selection and it should be fine.

Thanks friends. Having fun with scaler now. Cheers + happy holidays.

@orlyangelo does the UI of Scaler feel normal to you? See Unresponsive Scaler 2.5.0 on Apple M1 . Thanks!