Scaler 2.5: I don't like animations

When you switch

  1. Main
  2. Edit
  3. Chords,

I would like to dislike all the animation in scaler. They are rather annoying to me and are flickering as well. They make the product worse to use for me.

The Blink effect can be turned off in Settings Preferences (if that is what you are referring to)

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Thanks, but the blinking is always disabled here since a long time. :slight_smile:

I mean especially the animation when you switch Main, Edit, Chords, Pad, Mod.

Fine as a suggestion, but I think it would make sense to make such changes parameterised. They could either be in preferences, but as it’s a one time change for any user, it would be better in an (XML) options file to be read at start up.

There’s an animation somewhere? Looks like I am missing out on something?

Bernd, just change between Main, Edit, Chords, Pad, Mod. They are at the top/right side at the first section.

Yup, I know what you are talking about, perhaps my PC is sooo slooow that it just skips the animation?

Well I vote they stay so that’s one for one.

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I think he means the ‘slide in’ of the sub windows when you press the page options… I didn’t notice this either, so it’s not really flashing lights or anything.

… which is why I suggested it could be a configuration option if they ever changed it.

As I noted to @Bernd, I hadn’t even noticed this, and it hasn’t yet triggered an epileptic fit.

This raises in my thoughts something I mentioned some time ago. The number of requests for enhancements, changes and new functions continues to grow, and somehow this has to be reviewed and decisions made. Although I am happy to leave this to @davide [i have mentioned that my approach to applications is that software is what software does and I either live with it or change it], I did venture the notion of users voting for listed proposals, which would at least give the Melbourne team some feel for what the masses were lusting for (musically, that is)

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We can organize votes about feature request but I think there will always be some deception when it comes to prioritizing.

I don’t know if you remember the thread about VST hosting within Scaler, which has been requested from version 1.x

We know it is something the community wants, we want it as well, but it is definitely not the feature that will bring more creativity to any of us.

Coming back to the original idea, I think the ability to disable the animations is something we could do as we improve the accessibility over the next few months.

While I can appreciate personal taste in software I think that these kind of requests do nothing to improve Scaler for making music. I’ve never paid any attention to those animations or even the blinking light. I had to open Scaler just to see what was being talked about and I had to click through a couple times before it dawned on my what the “animation” was. I’m usually thinking about music and working on chords. As long as Scaler keeps getting creatively better, I’m a happy user.
But that is my opinion only and reflects no views except my own.
Cheers and stay safe.

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I had to open Scaler as well to see what the deal is, and, well, in my opinion there is zero of a deal, therefore your opinion does reflect my view on this, and I am quite certain the view of others. I then question the delivery and the intent of the OP, as it wasted my valuable time and the valuable time of others. I commend you and others for taking the high-road with the choices of wording in your replies and I am trying to do the same, for if I say what is really on my mind about the OP, I then see in my face the community guidelines on a yellow background to remind me to keep my composure. Peace.

Or too fast and it passes before you can see it :relaxed:

Btw, i didn’t notice it either.

I wouldn’t go that far. The primary goal of a feature request is not to entertain (or bore) other users here, but to communicate a preference. And many people here are not native English speakers, which can express itself in wording that might seem unusual to native speakers.

We as a community should be mindful not to fall into a habit of arguing someone’s suggestion to death just because it’s not important to us personally, if it’s something that is still important to the original requestor. And I know some “feature requests” can be “solved” by claryfying existing functionality of the current Scaler version.


fascinating. thx for the remarkable insight.


I think he’s referring to the flashing “BIND” (Blue /Green) lights in each section. Obviously they cannot be turned off, but they can be turned to static condition in the SETTINGS panel.

@ Phillyn17

This is what the OP wrote - He was taking about the lovely animation switching from the various section. I personally love the animation.

Mmmm, I didn’t fully understand his English. Essentially the animation IS Scaler 2, if he doesn’t like the animation, he really doesn’t like Scaler 2 … does he? Like you, I love the animation, and I love Scaler 2.