Scaler 2.5 overwriting full sessions

HI I tried saving a new preset and selecting entire session after clearing out the recorded notes in section a. When replacing the existing preset and then loading it again, the chords in section a still show up instead of loading section c into section a.

Also a slight improvement could be made when dragging a chord over a pattern. the delay to switch to the pattern is a bit long slowing down workflow a little.

I’m also seeing some frustrating behaviors in the SAVE chord/session department.

Just yesterday I went to resave a Session via the SAVE button and the REPLACE option only to have it retain the old settings and burn down a bunch of work. This has happened a multiple times.

I also just posted a bug report related to Scaler crashing when accessing and using certain SAVED Session files and editing a mapping. Those files were posted.

I suspect the save/recall workflow is on their radar at the moment,at least I hope it is.

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Yes it is, we are trying to fix all this in the 2.5.1 patch.

Thanks for reporting


Ouch! Thanks for reporting about it. I’ve not used that function much if at all but I tend to remember reports on things and it helps me avoid brick walls. Fortunately, it’s known and let’s hope it can be corrected without too much agony.