Scaler 2.5 overwriting full sessions

HI I tried saving a new preset and selecting entire session after clearing out the recorded notes in section a. When replacing the existing preset and then loading it again, the chords in section a still show up instead of loading section c into section a.

Also a slight improvement could be made when dragging a chord over a pattern. the delay to switch to the pattern is a bit long slowing down workflow a little.

I’m also seeing some frustrating behaviors in the SAVE chord/session department.

Just yesterday I went to resave a Session via the SAVE button and the REPLACE option only to have it retain the old settings and burn down a bunch of work. This has happened a multiple times.

I also just posted a bug report related to Scaler crashing when accessing and using certain SAVED Session files and editing a mapping. Those files were posted.

I suspect the save/recall workflow is on their radar at the moment,at least I hope it is.

Yes it is, we are trying to fix all this in the 2.5.1 patch.

Thanks for reporting

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