Scaler 2.5 Save Problem

Saving over an existing chordset doesn’t seem to work. I’ve tried this on both Win and Mac and the problem seems to be on both platforms. I wasn’t getting this issue with versions prior to 2.5.

Hi @mindbaffle

thanks for reporting your issue. We will run some tests and get back to you.

I just tried it here on Mac and it did overwrite the existing. What happens on yours?

Cool, I have a video of the sequence of steps recorded. Dropbox - 2021-11-25 15-36-58_ScalerBug.mp4 - Simplify your life Basically I start with a cleared session and then drag a few chords in to the section C, then I save as “SaveTest”, then I add a few more chords to section C, then I try to replace the existing and I pull up SaveTest and it doesn’t do anything when I hit ok, it doesn’t show the “overwrite” part of the prompt I can only cancel. Also not in the video I believe I have seen the overwrite choice come up and clicked on it and I thought it did something but when I reloaded that session later it didn’t have the changes I last had saved. Rolling back to 2.4.1 all this works fine for me with the same steps.

I am here to report this bug too. I’m on macOS Monterey (Intel), using Bitwig 4.1.1 now. Scaler saves over the wrong saved Set in the list. It is overwriting the wrong saved set. Open the Sets folder and observe that the modified date on the next set in the alphabetical list of folders gets updated after you attempt to save over the previous one. You can then open the set that got modified incorrectly in Scaler2, and confirm that it now contains the wrong data. Hope you backed up your sets somewhere.

Hi @jcsg,

we are aware of this and have a fix ready for the next update. It should be available within the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for reporting,

been awhile, no update?


Looking for an update that fixes the bug where saved chordsets write to the wrong location!!! Fixing bugs that destroy user’s work should NEVER be allowed to go this long without a fix. You should be ASHAMED. Fix this.

Hi @jcsg

sorry, this has been fixed from our end a while ago but the next update has been put on hold so we can address some MIDI FX compatibility issues on M1. I will discuss this with the team and try to get this update to go through.


Hi Ed, I’ve just rolled back to previous over 5 months ago when I reported this as it was breaking my workflow, but I’m just sad that many people have had to run in to this since that time. I was trying to save people the headache by reporting it when I discovered it. Hearing it has been fixed somewhere but not released is actually more frustrating to hear than comforting.

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I understand the frustration, we should have split the release between the fixes and the new content/features.

There’s a lot involved in doing a release so it’s always easier to group things together. I’ll try to sort this out quickly.

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