Scaler 2.5 SUGGESTER suggestions

Suggestion 1:
First thing since upgrading to 2.5 is I’m loving the suggestion feature for building progressions, but one thing I REALLY WANT TO DO is select another chord in the pattern to use as the basis for the “suggester” window. I don’t always want to address that last chord in the selected pattern.

EDIT: I went back to David’s YT video and saw that he clicked on the yellow tag on the top right of the chord button to re-select a previous cord in the pattern. So that’s me sorted on that one (user error). But I thought I’d leave this in here in case it helps someone else.

Suggestion 2:
Would love if the suggester was available in PAD mode.

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Thanks Tezza, agreed but just would have delayed everything. You can see my workaround by selecting your pattern in PAD mode and then going back to MAIN page to make the suggestion, I get it its not the same as being able to click around everywhere in PAD mode.


fair enough. It’s not a big deal to jump back and fourth. TBH i never really did such involved progressions without the suggester.

I’m glad you elected to prioritize an earlier release date.