Scaler 2.6 crashed validation in Logic

I just purchased Scaler 2.6 for Mac and followed all the install instructions, including reboot of the computer. When I opened Logic Pro X (ignoring AU errors,) I could not find Scaler except as a MIDI FX (ScalerControl). I successfully registered it from that window. I quit LPX, launched it again, got the error message, entered Plug-In Manager and discovered that Scaler 2 and ScalerAudio 2 reported “crashed validation.”

I’m using Logic in Rosetta mode on a Mac-Mini M1 device, macOS Big Sur Version 11.3. Scaler is installed on the internal drive (Macintosh HD)

Thank you,

Hi and welcome to the forum @RossF go back to plugin manger and select scaler and reset and rescan selection. That should do it.

Thank you, Davide. That got it working,