Scaler 2.6 making high pitch feed back when launching in Logic

Hey team, Fist I want to thank you guys for a wonderful product.

I have however on my M1 MacBook Pro running:
MacOS Monterey: 12.4
Logic Pro X: 10.7.4
Scaler 2: 2.6.0

When I attach Scaler 2 as a MIDIFX I get a random loud feedback loop. sometimes a high pitched wine, other times a low pitched thumping. I have reset all plug ins in logic and it worked for a little bit, but then it went right back to doing the same thing. if I force close Logic sometimes it fixes it, but more times then not it doesn’t. I have also restarted my system a few times with no avail.

I do want to confirm that this is a paid licensed version of Scaler, so I am not to sure why this keeps happening. I wanted to report this to you guys incase I am doing something wrong, or if this hasn’t been brought to your attention already.

I attached the below screenshots so you can see the noise it’s making in the channel.

this is the same with any synth I try to use it on so it doesn’t seem like its with Serum or Massive

Hi @Burgerz and welcome to the forum.

There are some known issues with Scaler 2 on Apple M1 running as a MIDI effect in Logic Pro and by looking at your post this seems to be one of them. Currently the dev team are aware and we are working hard on having a fix for this though it seems we are also waiting on some adjustments from Apple’s end.

In the meantime you can run your Logic Pro X in Rosetta and you should have more stability.


Do you have any updates on a fix? I am asking, because performance of Logic Pro X in Rosetta mode is terrible :frowning:

@james @davide I have seen that you are using open source lib to work with MIDI FX. Could you please share a link to take a look at it and see related issues?

@james @davide @Ed1 Do you have any updates?