Scaler 2.6 small bug

Hello. Just updated my Scaler to 2.6. Found this small bug. If you open the Scaler and click on MANUAL at the start…You will have an error. I can’t attached images as I am the new user here… But please check it and confirm the bug…

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Do you mean on the ‘About’ window ?


I’ve just moved to 2.6 and it works ok on my PC (win 10)

No. I mean the first window when you load the Scaler. You can click in this window - “Don’t Show again”.

There you have me. When I load scaler (as a VST3) in an application, the main screen just comes straight up, so not familiar with any other window.

BTW, if you click on the upward arrow at the top of the text input page here, it prompts you to upload a file from your PC. The files types are very restricted (understandably) but you can upload jpg’s


I mean this window!

And here is the bug

How about any of the other buttons in that window?
What if you close that window and choose the manual the way @yorkeman showed?

Other two buttons works correctly…

The manual way works also as well. Seems that this bug just in that intro page.

I’ve never ever seen that page / box. I’ve just loaded 2.6.0 and this information is on the “about” page as I previously posted. Anybody else seen this box ? Is it a Mac thing ? It’s certainly not on a PC AFAIK.

Puzzlement :face_with_head_bandage:

This was always the first screen on Scaler. However if you dismissed long ago (as did I) it will stay gone unless you trash your preferences or install on a clean new system.

It is a Mac and also Windows thing…

Yes. Indeed! In version 2.5 all was clean btw.

I confirm the same error. Those of you who do not see it is because at some point you have clicked on Do not show again

Yes, looks the same. Hope that they will fix this bug…