Scaler 2.6 Unisons Working but one issue noticed

It looks like another excellent update. Thanks to all for the hard work and effort to make it happen.

The Unisons seem to be working now. Patterns that contain Unisons are recalled correctly without loss of the Unison. This is tremendously helpful for me in part creation and I’m very glad to be able to trash my work-around on this. It feels great.

One small issue. Detect correctly identifies a single note but I can not drag that note from A Section to a C Section Pattern. Easy work-around – place a chord in the Pattern and edit down to a single note. That worked.

Most important to me is that Unisons are now holding in the patterns. Nice job!

I’m looking forward to digging into the other new added features.

The project was saved, closed, re-opened and the Unisons held! :slight_smile: Well done.

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Hi @1stInversion,

Thanks for your warm message.
I think you will be even more pleased with these tips:

Right-click on any Unison note to open the menu.
You will have the possibility to convert all notes to chords.




Brilliant! I hadn’t seen those options. Thanks for drawing my attention to it. :slight_smile: