Scaler 2.7.1 and now 2.7.2 crashes constantly

I have never used such a buggy software. Using Scaler as the Control crashes constantly under a variety of circumstances. The main crash seems to be when multiple tracks of Scaler are used. Things have gotten progressively worse with each upgrade. I can’t use Scaler 2.7.2 in Logic for more than 20 mins without crashes happening randomly.

Totally agree. It’s almost unusable in Logic.

I suggest that some further context would be helpful for new visitors not familiar with the board or the product.

I have never had a Scaler crash in over 2 years of use. I regularly use it with multiple instances synched together between themselves and in parallel DAW synced, without an issue.

My description would be validly thus diametrically opposite to yours as in “Scaler is rock solid”
Both descriptions are correct, and I well understand the frustrations of those users in environments which are clearly very unstable.

However, I fee l that in the interest of balance for new board visitors this following comment of context is appropriate.

“Although very few system related issues have been reported under windows, there have been many bug reports on Mac, and with Logic in particular.
Some have been attributed to Scaler, but a number others have been shown to originate with the Mac o/s version or with Logic.”