Scaler 2.7.1 MIDI Support (FL Studio and MAC)

Please Help!
I’ve installed Scaler 2.7.1 on my MAC and I am running the VST in FL Studio

I am trying to control a VST plugin (Omnisphere) with Scaler 2s midi output

Scaler 2 Midi output port = 1
Omnisphere input port = 1

I can’t get it to work

I am able to control Omnishpere via another plugin with midi port 1 so I know it’s an issue with Scaler 2

I have a seperate Windows machine setup in the same way and it works fine.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thanks in advance

I just solved the problem.

I tried re-installing Scaler 2.7.1 and it didn’t fix the issue

I removed 2.7.1 and installed 2.7.0 and it fixed the issue.

Hopefully this helps anyone else with a similar issue.