Scaler 2.7.2 Crashing in Logic Pro

Strange behaviors and crashing, latest version of Logic, Ventura…

  1. Crashes Rosetta consistently when moving around chords in the pad view. whole program just vanishes.
  2. Not running in Rosetta, the interface becomes unresponsive and all menus quickly disappear when clicking a button so it is impossible to make selections. This continues unti shutdown and resrtart of logic.
  3. In general, the interface becomes unresponsive at times and even causes the play button on Logic to stop functioning. Changes made do not play.
  4. captured and dragged midi changes tempo half way through for some reason.

Hi @BlothR

thanks for reporting, would you have access to any crash logs to help us investigate?

On macOS you can find them in the “Console” application /Applications/Utilities/
There is a crash report section where you can browse the recent crashes on the system.


Hi Ed, no problem. I hope I can get it worked out, I love the program and am trying to use it professionally. The Logic log was too long to cut and paste so I sent a link to a Google Doc. I have logs for a few crashes though. At least three in Logic, this AU hosting thing (there a couple of those), and some crashes in FL Studio.

Logic: Logic Cash 1 - Google Docs

The file below is from AuHostingServiceXPC_arrow: