Scaler 2.7 blink effect does not sync to beat or bars

In the default setting of scaler there is enable the blink effect. a b or c blink. i assume this should be blink in sync to the beats with DAW sync on too. but it is not in sync. can see when change in DAW tempo. the blink is always same speed. i think it is usefull when it blink correct in beats. but how it is currently it is only confusing to play on sync, so i have disable

It is not a very important feature, but when it can fix that it blink correct to the beat is usefull and i can enable it. also better when not fading in and out. it can also change every bar the color

Hey Benny
Last time I looked, it did not match the beat, it is just a visual indicator of binding. I submitted it as a feature request a while back and got some support but not sure where it landed. Was a little surprised that it did not make the cut.

I do a lot of Play Quantize playing and would love to have that line up. Especially now with Live synch and Multi Voice, bringing Scaler features in and out during recording becomes even more interesting. Like you said, not a huge deal but it would seem to fit.

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