Scaler 2.7 changing semitones on tracks with Logic 10.7.5

I just updated to Scaler 2.7 on my macpro M1 Monterey and MacStudio Ultra using Logic 10.7.5.

When I instantiate scaler a midi note sounds. Sometimes in my session Scaler goes down a few semitones or changes the presets on my instruments (particularly Cherry Adi’s synths). When I start from beginning of a song and press play, a note that sounds not in my progression. When I activate live sync on a second track, the chords sync in each scaler but the followers go off a few semitones. Something is seriously wrong

Scaler is my main composition tool so I even went so far to trash my Logic preferences but no change.

Should I reinstall Scaler 2.7? If so, please let me know how to do this properly.

Thanks for you time. I so look forward to using Scalers new features!

With Gratitude,


Hi @JLP Please run Logic in Rosetta for better performance from MIDI FX. There are several posts on this topic, have a search around if you want to keep up to date with MIDI FX / M1 performance. There are issues and we (all software developers using Juce) and Apple are trying to get these quirks sorted, for now run under Rosetta.