Scaler 2.7 is good at... Prog rock

This release is a :boom:
I am having much fun jamming rock & prog
and here is just one of the 4-5 tunes that jumped out during beta-testing

the routing is trivial, 1 Scaler for acco guitar in Loop mode
Scaler-State_acco-guitar.xml (41.8 KB)

2 Scalers for the Hammond with MIDI tracks in the middle (because Ableton Live doesn’t have multi-MIDI out)

Scaler-State_Hammond-Ch.1.xml (41.7 KB)
Scaler-State_Hammond-Ch.2.xml (41.9 KB)

I found the series of chords by ears, as usual, but taking advantage of the New Sync option that lets you audit quickly, and I also used Suggest to add more series of 8 patterns

Great job, devs!

and here is the VB-III used

the acco guitar with its amp

and the solo guitar

About Toontrack’s, I recently found this workflow:
I drop an Audio sender on the guitar to have the bassline
this time I was happy with the result so I didn’t add any groove

Then I D&D the MIDI directly from EZBass to EZdrummer to receive a suggestion (yellow circle), then I audit the variations (red circle) and eventually I ask the drummer to use it in the Song Creator

This workflow is faster and there is no need to record or import/export tracks

and here is the result 2 Point 7 - C

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What’s an acco guitar?

an abbreviation for accompaniment… :grin:

This is one of your more successful pieces. Slammin’ Jammin’! A shame you can’t do a complete tune with intro, verse, bridge, verse ending but as long as you are having fun that’s the most important part. Rock on!

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he he I know that :grin:
I do it sometimes, but not often, so I am building up tons of never-completed tunes in my PC

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