Scaler 2.7 Live Sync Game Changer

The new Live Sync is a significant improvement to the Scaler workflow. Being able to make a change and have it appear in all instances following the leader saves so much time and makes Scaler much easier and more fun – less stressful – to work with when multiple instances of it are in use. I have a question or two about it, but I’ll leave those for another post. I just wanted to thank the Scaler developers and team for this new feature of the program.

Thanks for Live Sync.


I agree. That’s probably the biggest and coolest update in a long time. Before, it was difficult if there were many Scalers in use.


Thanks for the vibes, I’ve always wanted a live sync in C so I am very happy. Any questions I didn’t answer in my video or the PIB live stream? Fire away.

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