Scaler 2.7 MMO and Edirol: a cool combo

Well, apart from professionals that compose in other ways, this combo can be cool for people that want just have fun

The routing is trivial: one Scaler instance

Scaler-State_2022-12-21_234706.xml (24.6 KB)

Driving Edirol Full Orchestra 1 directly
(as you can see, all the instruments 1-11 and 16 used Scaler MMO notes)

The only interesting thing is how routing Edirol: all channels inputs up to 16

Here is the Ezkeys

and AAS Strum-GS 2 in variable Loop mode

All started finding these 2 series of chords

C 5, A min7, F sus2, C 5 / G, C maj, C sus2, A min7, F sus2
C maj, F maj, C 5, D min7, C sus2, D min7, C sus2, G maj

(BTW, the option to put chords names in the clipboard is wonderful :heart_eyes:)

Then I selected Humanization > Swing > Triplet Swing 48th 80%

And I started auditing all Expressions, one after the other

I found that many were suitable for orchestral rock and film scores (or cinematic maybe?) clearly B-film-scores @jamieh :grin:

And here is one of the several nice stuff that jumped out after 2 hours of pure fun

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