Scaler 2.7 multi out for cubase?

Can anybody help me out here. I followed directions from Cubase on how to set it up, and I watched tutorials from Sclaer. It just won’t work and infact, audio keeps getting hung up.

It does work in Cubase.

  1. Make sure Scaler has Multi-Out On in Scaler Preferences.
  2. Load Halion Sonic SE onto an instrument track.
  3. Create a multi with voices on channels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, (Piano, Bass, Cello, Viola, Violin – or any other voices. Remember MIDI Channel 1 has the full chord and single notes run from low to high, channel 2 is lowest chord tone and each next MIDI channel has the next highest note.)
  4. Set Instrument Track’s MIDI receive to “All”
  5. Route your Scaler Track to the MIDI Input of the HSSE Instrument Track.
  6. Turn on Track Monitor for Instrument Track. If you created MIDI Tracks for all the Parts, then enable Monitor On for those tracks as well.

Below is a screenshot of Channels from a starter project that uses a single Multi-Out Scaler with HSSE and Omnisphere in Cubase Pro 10. The new MultiOut is a great feature. Just work with it a bit and I’m sure you’ll get it going. Good luck.