Scaler 2.7 Multi-out not working with Studio-one 5 on Windows

Not working! Do I need to upgrade S1 to fix this?

What instruments are you trying to output to FROM Scaler?

Hey MacB…welcome.

As @LightWingStudios asks, what instruments are you trying and have you done a simple setup using strictly Scaler to Scaler in your Multi Voice setup? If not, check out my walkthroughs in Tutorials with titles including the term Multi Voice Output. There are 2 of them and they should get you sorted. FWiW, I’m running 2.7 and Studio One 5 on 3 Win 10 machines that are all 10-15 years old. I’m not having a singe issue other than an occasional temporary hang due to too many instruments. I’m sure you will get it sorted.

Good Luck

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Thanks for the help. I got it working on S1 ver5 with Kontakt 6, and the solution turned out to be fairly easy. All I had to do was create separate tracks to receive each Scaler channel — just like we do with InstaComposer and other multi-channel MIDI generators. This also allowed me to mix Kontakt instruments with non-Kontakt ones.

There is also a way to put all the Kontakt instruments into a single instance of Kontakt, but it is far more complicated and I’m not sure that it really saves any RAM.

Thanks to all who responded to my pleas for help!

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