Scaler 2.7 + Soundpaint Guitar and Flute + morphing

Hi folks

As I said before, I am unable to take a Les Paul sound out of Soundpaint’s 2020 Modern PR, because this requires keyboard skills I don’t have, but today I tested the morphing feature and had a lot of fun; here is how

To morph, even totally different instruments, you have to select Part first

Then I dropped 4 different guitar patterns in the 4 slots, and I toyed with the various effect, and also with dynamic morphing, to have a cool “guitar” sound carpet

The chords to feed this “guitar” and other instruments came from Scaler, clearly :grinning:

My preferred Bitwig template is called “Tutto inizia da Scaler” (all starts from Scaler) and I found them by ear and using Suggest

Scaler-State.xml (31.5 KB)

Then I D&Ded this series directly to EZbass (both in the Chords and in the Tapping fields), I selected a suitable bank, I divided the series in 4 parts (intro, verse and verse 2, and ending), then I applied suitable riffs

I found suitable drums then, and ultimately I dropped a second Soundpaint track with a flute

To play the solo, I used the Bitwig’s Harmonize tool

Solo Flute Harmonizer

I am sorry Scaler devs, but this tool (and also Ableton Live Scales) works better for solos than Scaler Keys-Chords, at the moment at least

And here is the result Psyco-Echo

Well, after some time I was able (or bold) enough to try the LP solo :crazy_face:
And to cover my faults, I used a lot of delay :grin:

Well, the link is the same, but the song is a bit different; let me know