Scaler 2.7 stuck playing continuous note


I’m getting this problem with Scaler where it keeps playing a random continuous note whether or not I hit the ‘play’ button in my DAW. It is causing massive issues with song writing as there will always be a random note resonating throughout the track at all times. I am having to convert the chords from Scaler to MIDI files in order to listen over to the chords I have chose as that random note being played is causing big issues with playback from Scaler.

I’ve gone over the support section and have seen similar problems with historic versions on other DAWs. Is this a version issue or is this something to do with my settings?

Maybe I’m missing something really obvious here but I can’t figure it out for the life of me at the moment. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have listed as much relevant information as possible with what I equipment I am using.

Computer: MacBook Air (M2, 2022)
Chip: Apple M2
Memory: 24GB
macOS: Ventura 13.0.1

DAW: Logic Studio 10.7.5

  • Scaler 2.7.0
  • Cthulhu 1.242
  • Nexus 3.5.8
  • Serum 1.351


  1. Scaler plays random note: when midi information is being sent or not sent. During playback or stopped.
  2. Note is registering in the 4th Octave and an additional note plays in the 6th octave. Usually Gb4 and Gb6.
  3. Creates issue playing back track and cannot write chords without this note constantly playing whilst doing so.
  4. Have to turn off all instances of scaler and bounce MIDI patterns to project when replaying track due to ringing note from Scaler.
  5. When switching to another track, the octave of the ‘random note’ being played changes.


  1. Retriever: made sure performance mode is set to ‘retriever’. Tested ‘follow’, same issue.
  2. Turn on/off Vst. Still plays erroneous note.
  3. Created new project: Plays erroneous note upon loading up Scaler with Nexus or Serum or stock plugin from Logic.
  4. DAW Sync: Changed DAW sync settings. No difference at either setting.
  5. Compared against Cthulhu to determine if any issues with logic sending continuous MIDI information here. Did not occur. Seems to be a Scaler specific issue.

Please let me know what to do to fix the problem. Thanks.

See the following, this has been an ongoing issue forever: Scaler 2.5 Logic 10.7.1 macOS Monterey MIDI FX Stuck Ghost Note UNUSABLE! - #18 by dspdoc

Looks like you are using Scaler 2.7.0. You should download and install the 2.7.1 update as it is supposed to have remedied those issues. Just log into your Plugin Boutique account and download the update from there.