Scaler 2.7

Just watched the video! Great!
I have Kontakt and Omnisphere for MIDI multi out but is there any way to do the Studio One setup in Logic?

3 hours later and my F5 key is wearing out, @davide :wink:

Live Sync is Amazing!

It’s like having all the parts of your song or composition visible and accessible with a click.

I was getting a bit carried away with this to see how far I could go, leading to a few suggestions.

The first is visual and about making the Scaler widows organised and accessible.

I quickly built up the number of Scaler Instruments I used to Follow, the Leader.
My screen became a sea of Scaler parts. I tried to resize each to place them in some order on the screen, but sizing is limited. I would like a line or block of Scaler icons representing each incident of a Scaler Instrument used as Followers. You could then quickly click and open up as required. I know you can use the DAW and select them this way, but just trying to limit the jumps you have to make.

Then there is the word Follow and Leader. This is a great help but is it in the right place? Would it be possible to have it near the title Scaler too?
Having the Leader and Follow names in different colours is a small but significant improvement. I like these small touches that help the user.

I built up a simple piece and then added a new midi track. On this track, I used Scaler to Control the midi. I then selected Live Sync. The cords from the Leader appeared, and I could play along with my simple piece. This means I can use other instruments. However, I noticed it didn’t show as a Follower—just a tiny point.

That said, Live Sync is amazing!

Mac OS 12.6 Monterey MacBook Pro M1
Logic Pro 10.7.4

Sweet! Thanks for the amazing update! Where it will be in my account BTW? Still only see version 2.6

I seem to remember it was mid-afternoon last time, doesn’t stop me checking!

Link is up - downloading now :grinning:

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Having some fun with it now, pretty cool! But are those synth wave and trance bass performances supposed to be quite so fast? Seems a bit over the top, and not how I remember them in previous versions.

I think 2.7 is a great update.

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yes an amazing update
a lot of improvements

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Great update! Scaler is so beautiful! Will be nice to see in the future maybe some of piano players modes…

Hey, I’m a Scaler 2 user. So, where can I do mt free upgrade to 2.7?

I think PIB are angry at me for causing 1,000 support tickets. I owe you an F5 key.:blush:


Log into your pluginboutique account and download it from your purchased product page. Check the pull down menu for the latest version.

Got it, thank you! :slight_smile:

The link to the beta discussion at the top doesn’t work. When I try to edit the velocity of individual notes in a chord in version 2.7, I can’t make any changes like I could with previous versions, by clicking the top or bottom of individual keys. The velocity seems to be fixed. Is it just me? Is there a different way to edit velocity now?

After further testing I’ve determined that the chord velocity settings are ignored in 2.7. I reverted to Scaler 2.4 and my velocity settings for individual notes are working fine.

I think you should display on main screen something like "X.Y version is available on Plugin Boutique " and give the direct link.

Or maybe just make blinking your logo when there is something new and when a user click on it, open the About page and announce the new version with the appropriate link.

Well, something like that.

You’re right and thanks for pointing that out, it looks like it hasn’t been excluded from the velocity output setting so in effect it is tied to that. This needs to be fixed and we will get this looked at, in the meantime the silly work around is adjust the global Scaler UI Velocity slider, click on a note to apply that setting and then repeat!

I would love to try out Scaler 2.7.0 but the installer is failing on macOS Ventura (bug report thread).

Thanks for the update! Some great features.

Found a bug. Logic 10.16.0 / OSX 10.15.7

Freezing tracks - any tracks - scaler will forget it’s arpeggio / performance patterns and generates something like a hung note. Same thing happens if you name tracks in the mixer window while playing.

Sorry of this is the wrong place for bug reports.