Scaler 2.75 iOS pad mode


I’m new to using Scaler (2.75) iOS (as vs. PC version).

I am noticing that with a number of patterns created on the Pads page, no matter what I do Pattern 1 always plays back.

IOW, if I select another pattern then press play, Scaler immediately reverts to pattern #1 and plays it.

Am I overlooking something?

You need to describe what you are doing better than that. Could you take a screen shot?

OK, notice pattern 5 is selected (underlined). I press play and expect to hear pattern 5. Instead it immediately switches to and plays pattern 1.

I do notice that the label for pattern 1 is blue, unlike the others, but if that is relevant I have not been able to so far find any way to change that.

In your screen shot Pattern 1 is selected it’s dark. If you select Pattern 5 it should be dark.
On mine If I have Pattern 1 selected, if I select 5 it turns dark and Pattern 1 is no longer dark. I don’t see the underline unless I have multiple patterns selected then I see the one I have currently selected underlined. Be aware if you have say 2 patterns selected they play in order.

Thanks for your replies.

I deleted the app from the iPad and redownloaded it. Received v2.7.5 and so far I do not have the same problem anymore.

P.S. How do you select multiple patterns? (on the iPad)

Same as on regular Scaler. Lasso all patterns.

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