Scaler 2.8.1 - A fix for Section C de-selected and de-looped after closing and reopening a project?


Even if I upgraded my ADSL, I don’t like downloading for the umpteenth time ONE GB of useless sounds (to me) to find that my issue is still there

I mean that after closing a Bitwig project and reopening it, the Scaler Section C is always de-selected and de-looped, and I realize that only after having heard that multiple instruments driven by multiple Scaler are out of tune

I used to have a similar problem a while ago. Let me ask you - Do you have Scaler set to a sound or do you have the sound set to none? If you have it set to none, try setting it to a sound, anything at all, default piano is good. Set the loop, etc. then see if loses loop and select. You can turn off the output of the Scaler track if you don’t want to hear it. This always worked for me but your problem is slightly different.

before I used no sound at all
today, installing the last version, I left the basic ones
no changes anyway and the bug remains