Scaler 2.9 causes Cubase to freeze and crash when closing some projects

PC, Win 11, Cubase

Scaler 2.9 causes crashes in different and often unpredictable situations when you save the Cubase project and then try to close Cubase. Then Cubase crashes and freezes. The same thing happens when you add Scaler to some Cubase projects. Then when you save the project and close Cubase, Cubase crashes and freezes. It doesn’t happen in all situations. It also happens, for example, in very small projects where there are only 2 tracks in total. It depends on which VST instruments are in the project. It is a very big problem!

Hi @Leander Sounds like some form of conflict. Did this happen with previous versions of Scaler 2? Does it happen in any other DAW? Can you replicate it in a vanilla project with just Scaler instances? Need to identify whether Scaler 2 is the culprit here.

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As far as I know, it didn’t happen in earlier versions. In the Cubase crash files (dmp) Scaler 1.9 is always mentioned as the cause. It is definitely Scaler 1.9.

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… Very important: It only occurs when you save the Cubase project and then want to close Cubase. It does not happen with EVERY Cubase project.

Can I send you the Cubase crash files somewhere. (dmp files !) Email?

The problems have only been occurring since version 2.9.0.

Our devs are looking into this, would you mind sending a crash file to me via PM?

I have sent several situations as a zip file via PM. :+1:

Thank you. Received and forwarded. We are expecting a new build soon which will hopefully address some issues a few Windows users have been having with S2.9 and mainly FL but potentially the same issue. Will keep you posted.

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