Scaler 2.9 crashing Logic 11 - Apple M3

Scaler is still crashing Logic, usually after a few minutes, even on an idle session. (maybe after 10min). I can recover it and it will show the crash message again.
Right now i have a Macbook Air M3 - Sonoma 14.5 - Logic 11 - Scaler 2.9
Love Scaler, it’s the best :slight_smile: but the crash is not so fun

Hi @FloBorge I have the identical set up and no issue here. Can you reinstall or reset and rescan selection and then reboot your Mac. Shouldn’t be any issues so it’s either a conflict or something in your session. Please make sure you open a vanilla logic project (not a template)

I, too, am having crashes, I’ll create a new post.

hi @davide , thank you for the reply, i have made some tests and deleted/deactivated most plugins.
one clean session seemed to hold for quite a while. One previous song hold for a couple of hours and then crashed, and once it crashes it’s then every 5 min. I’ll make more tests but this existed with my previous Air on M1 chip. It might not be Scaler, but i don’t have many plugins. It would be nice if the crash report would tell us what is causing the issue.
I’ll let you know what I’ll find.