Scaler 2 and Orchestrator

I’m interested in routing Scaler 2 to EW Orchestrator. Just wondering if I’ll still be able to use the scale key binding feature and one key via Scaler will still out put that chord in Orchestrator, whatever section I’m in, i.e Presets, Ensemble, etc.?

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I also have EW Orchestrator and interested also in your question. I am very close to buy Scaler 2 and I would like to see the responses to your question. Thanks

Other question I have is this, perhaps you can help
When I bind keys for chords it binds C2 and above.
But the preset in the VST I routed to only plays on like C4 and above.
When I change the octave it registers in the instrument, but when I play the chord in Scaler the octave stays the same
Guess my question is this: is there a way to bind another set of keys of our choice in Scaler 2?

Found it … Bind Keys preference in Settings… allows you to plus or minus the octave of the bound keys. As I do so, the gray, binded area moves up or down on the keyboard. Problem solved with that.

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Indeed! I use Scaler 2 with Orchestrator often. Works well together.

Nice … Regarding the new “Movie Theme” chord sets, was expecting like a bunch per sub theme which would make sense. As it stands, you can only choose “Mystery” and that’s it (instead of Mystery and it breaks off to Mystery 1, 2, 3, etc.). If they’re taking time to add this seems like a careless oversight to just have the one chord set per sub theme.