Scaler 2 Audio detection - not highly accurate yet

Is the audio detection still in the early / beta phase? I did a quick test with scaler and then Mixed In Key (what I typically use to detect keys) and Scaler was way off! I think it’s an awesome feature, so hoping the accuracy would improve soon.

Remember we are trying to detect polyphony not just key. There’s plenty of great tech for identifying keys but the tech for identifying chords is not great. Melodyne would be king IMO and they are only at 70%.
Having said all of that, yes definite room for improvement and we would love to explore ways of making this strong, we will get there and are working hard on it.
For me, when I am writing music, I actually find the ability for scaler to point me in the right direction of chords and key and scale quite effective, If I try and experiment with accuracy for the purpose of testing, I don’t think it’s ideal.

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Ah great call with Melodyne…will give that a whirl as well. But in all honesty, the V2 of Scaler truly is a game changer!! This is definitely not a show stopper for me at all. You all have done a magnificent job with this version. Big kudos. :slight_smile: