Scaler 2 Blasting White Noise Feedback

Whilst using the pattern edit mode, the device channel randomly blasted white noise feedback and did not stop until Ableton was closed.

Please advise users in the mean time as this can be dangerous to users’ hearing.

I am using the paid version of Scaler 2 on MacOS 10.15.4 on Ableton 10.1.14


Can you please be more specific as to when this occurred?

Sure no problem Davide.

Earlier today I opened up scaler and went through the techno presets. I don’t remember which one I chose but I selected a few of the chords I liked and dragged them into the editor. From there I clicked “edit” and started adjusting the inversions and octaves. As I was working on that, a white noise sweep (similar to the one from the demo) got louder all the way to the point where it fully redlined the Scaler track and the master track (see screenshot attached). The white noise never declined in volume and just stayed at full blast until I closed Ableton.

As mentioned, I am using the paid version of Scaler 2 on MacOS 10.15.4 on Ableton 10.1.14

Thanks for that do you recall which internal sound in scaler you were using?
EDIT. Found something that could cause this. Being fixed now. Just testing 2.0.4 now.

Version 2.0.4 is now available to download on Plugin Boutique.

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I’m using the Scaler 2 release demo downloaded from Plugin Boutique. I have it running inside Ableton 10.1 Suite as I write to you. I am still working this project I have of reproducing your video where you produce an entire track with Scaler. I got further tonight than I have previously, so that’s good.

But what’s stopping me is that I’m at the stage where I need to be making recordings—and Scaler is emitting rolling sounds of white noise that ruins every take. This is not the first time I’ve encountered this problem with Scaler and Ableton. I have not had time to check my other DAW, FL Studio. But I will check later.

Oddly, it’s a very relaxing sound. The way it cycles makes me wonder if it’s attached to an LFO or something running a sine wave pattern. But it’s a lovely thing to listen to—assuming you’re not trying to get things done! :wink:

@Adrian what you describe sounds like the trial version automatic white noise wave coming every now and then to remind you are using the demo. Is that right ?

And yes it can be relaxing :sunglasses: just imagine being in Copacabana :sunny:

It’s the Detroit preset that caused the blasting white noise while using Scaler2. Was using 2.0.2 early today and I got a nasty surprise delivered to my ears and my DAW.

Hi Paul! Thanks for replying! :slight_smile: I saw your response last night and I laughed—yes, of course, I thought! Of course! That’s what it is! I’ve been using Scaler 2 betas for so long I’d forgotten about this white noise thing for demo versions. :rofl: Thank you very much!

Adrian :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting we found something that could cause that is being fixed tonight. Please download in 2.0.5 when its up in your Plugin Boutique account. I am guessing about 6 hours from now.

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This is seriously annoying! I wanted to test out the product in trial mdoe but i cant even use it because of the white noise, some people told me it was from earlier versions and now on the new version it still does it…, what can we do!? i wana test before i buy it.

Please help

Scaler 2 demo noise that occurs every so often and is not loud but fades in and out is normal and not associated with the bug which was causing very LOUD noises. We need to protect the demo somehow and nice noise every so often is our best way. It should still allow you to try things out. Pretty common demo limitation to be fair.

I have this tool I did everything to activate the product, downloaded the license key etc.

the white noise SWELL makes the product totally uuseable.

how do I get RID of it?

Hi @SpaceHarp and welcome to the Forum. Please contact Plugin Boutique Support directly on They will help you.

Or email them at

I found this quick and easy trick Scaler 2 - How to stop the hissing(white noise) sound - YouTube

a noise in a demo is a bug?

And overcoming that noise seems a bit unfair to me

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