Scaler 2 crashes FL20 when trying to drag and drop samples

a Microsoft Visual C++ runtime library error message pops up and says “Assertion failed” when i try to drag and drop a sample to extract the chords

any idea how to solve this?

the drag and drop works fine in the 32bit version of FL, but not in the 64 bit one. i made sure to install the DLLs into appropriate folders, where my other 64 DLLs are. i also reinstalled my visual c++ libraries, updated all my drivers, cleaned my registry. but still wont work. im also using the latest version of FL and scaler (2.0.9) so im really confused. is this a known bug or am i missing something?

Hi @arrenan

thanks for reporting, we will have a look at this.

Any difference in configuration between your 32bit and 64bit version of FL Studio?

Hi, thanks for the reply.
No different configuration as far as i’m aware. i’m never using the 32 bit version of the DAW, only opened it up to see if i could get scalers sample detection to work there, which it did. Just want to know if i have corrupted system files and need to reformat or if its a misbehavior from the plugin itself. because i literally tried everything, been searching for solutions for 4 day straight :confused: and this feature was one of the main reasons to why i bought the plugin

In order to diagnose this faster, instead of a drag and drop, could you try to:

  • Load ScalerAudio on an audio track as an FX
  • Drag your audio file onto the track itself (as a sample)
  • Press play in FL
  • The audio file should play and will be analysed live by ScalerAudio
  • In ScalerAudio, check in the Detect view, you should see the meter moving

Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 7.58.13 am

did exactly what you described above, i see the meter moving, and scaler seems to be analyzing the audio, but no chords are added to the plugin

also i noticed the visual c++ is trying to access a user folder that doesnt exist on my computer: C:\Users\emainier\Work\essentia\src…\ringbuf…pit.cpp. “Emainier” which i believe refers to you name?

You can adjust the threshold using the blue dot over the level meter. You can see the live chord detection in the top section but no chords will be added until you press the record button.

This is definitely odd. However, because you can launch ScalerAudio, it seems the file also exists in your computer in the right folder. And this is just an anomaly in the error message but we will have a deeper look.

ok that sorted it, chords are added correctly. thank you. But i still wish i could simply use the drag and drop feature, for enhanced workflow

We will have a look at what’s wrong with the drag and drop, thanks for testing this with me.

thanks for the great support