Scaler 2 Crashes Reason 12 When Launched was Working Fine in Reason 11

Scaler 2 now crashes Reason 12 I am running Windows 10 Pro Dell XPS 9560 I7 quad Core 32 GB Mem 1 TB SSD 4k UHD Screen anybody else having this issue with Reason 12

I have the same problem with Scaler under Reason 12. Under Reason 11 it works fine.

Scaler 2.4.1
Windows 11
HP Envy 17 Notebook with Intel(R) Core™ i7-8550U CPU @ 1.80GHz 1.99 GHz
16,0 GB RAM

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I have the same problem. ÂżIs a Reason problem or Scaler problem?
In Reason you cannot route the midi output, but you can import or drag the progression chords to a track; but now he is left with the black screen

Thanks for reporting and welcome to the forum @mudpig seems to be a PC issue - I have no issues on MacOS reason 12. Will chat with DEVs today and someone will post back here:

Hello everyone,

it is a Reason 12 issue.
Hotfix: Installing the Reason 12 beta

Loui from Reason Studios wrote me this day the following:

"[…] This is a Reason 12 issue.

We have a fix that hopefully solves your issues that we’ve just released on our Beta program.

Please head over to, download the Beta software and try your VSTs there both with “Show Navigators” checked and un-checked.

Also, don’t forget to report back here if your problem was fixed or not.

Note that installing the Beta will overwrite your standard RRP installations but it doesn’t affect your standard standalone installation.

You are welcome to continue Beta testing if you’d like. If you bump into any other problems in the Beta, please report them (one bug per ticket) via the “Report Bug Ticket” button at "


Yesterday’s update in Reason 12+ fixed the problem. Great to be able to use Scaler with Reason. It cannot be used as a send, but chords and performances, ostinatos, etc. can be dragged onto other tracks