Scaler 2 Crashes using Logic Pro 10.5 with iMac on Apple Chip M1

I purchased Scaler 2 recently. I installed it on my new iMac that has the new Apple Chip M1, I use it on logic pro 10.5
Everutime I want to work with scaler Logic Pro crashes and quits. it is really annoying as it crashes every move I make on scaler. Do you know if this is a common problem? or do you have any solution for this?


Welcome @AlexAguilar
Not sure what is going on but as a first port of call have you tried running Logic under Rosetta?:

Hello Davide, Thanks for your message… I have followed you advise… and it helped for a bit more time than usual but at the end it crashed…

Thanks again for your suggestion. If I find the solution I will post it here so you can use it if you need to.

Kool so have a great weekend.

Can you give us more info on what is causing the crash and also your exact setup so our team can have a look. OS / Mac / etc

Hello Again,

I am now working with only one scaler on the Logic Pro mixer. and it has not crashed yet… Its been over 30 minutes and all good.

When I first sent you the other message, I had two scalers working at the same time, and it crashed about 5 minutes of working and twicking.

I work on the latest Version of Logic Pro and Silicone Mac M1 Chip. hope this helps…

I will post again if I have problems, in the mine time it is now fixed using only one scaler at the time…

Thanks again for all your help on this!

have a great weekend.


What is your Operating System version?