Scaler 2 crashing Live 10

Hi, i just installed Scaler 2.
Unfortunately it crashes my DAW (Live 10) after about 5 minutes of use.
Is there a workaround?

try to check sample rates: sometimes it helps

Thank you for the tip, but it seems to be more of a plug in problem. Im using a lot of other devices and everything is running smoothly. if i open scaler in a session alone it causes a crash

scaler also causes crash if im not even using it but its just open for some time

well, if you can’t find the answer under Bug Report, is better waiting for one of the developers
I’m sure they will fix the issue

Hi @Customer

Sorry to hear about your issue.

@ClaudioPorcellana is right, Scaler can be unstable at certain samplerate. Try to run at a lower sample rate or disable the audio detection. It should greatly improve the stability.

We are aware of the issue and working on a fix.

Thanks for reporting,