Scaler 2 - Cubase Tutorials

I am looking for Scaler 2 Tutorials for Cubase. Can someone please post me some links?!

I guess I am a little bit confused about your request.

Perhaps this link will help you some…

If you are needing to see how to route Scaler, that would be Cubase specific. However, if you want to see how to use Scaler, @davide has put together some of the best videos I have seen on Scaler.

Scaler is a midi-effects plugin. You put in midi and you get out midi. In order to make the plugin a little bit more ‘polished’, Scaler also has its own built-in sounds, too.

I have Cubase Elements since February when I bought my Yamaha Genos. But as of Cubase 10.5 Steinberg only supports Windows 10, and I am on Windows 7. So I never took the time to learn something that I couldn’t currently use.

I don’t see a lot of Cubase videos for Scaler, but Scaler works similarly across many DAWs. Was there something specific that you are looking for?