Scaler 2 detecting the wrong chords

Scaler 2 detecting the wrong chords in logic pro. I tested C major chord in audio - scaler reads it as Cm - any ideas?

Hi @sheepus and welcome,
could you give us a screenshot or the notes you inputed for your C major chord (have you played the triad like this ? C3 E3 G3) are you sure you are not in “bind mode” and triggering a C minor with one of the notes from your C major chord ?

Hi Paul,
Thanks for the reply. The chord was played as C (CEG) and bounced as an audio track to test Scaler. The chord is read as Cm! Very strange. Also cannot drag and drop audio into Scaler (Logic Pro/ mac Pro) Any thoughts on either?

That’s strange yes, could you send us your audio file please ? we will have a look, thanks.