Scaler 2 detection of selected chords

Atm you can detect a scale(midi) by either
1.recording the midi input.
2.choosing a preset (songs,artists,user)
3.right click on pattern
All very easy & cool feature that it suggests the key & scale.

I would like to be able to ctrl select & detect the selected chords only.
The reason for this is many of my chord progression are not in one key (the same with many of the presets) & its difficult to find what its modulating into.
I know you could select then add to new pattern but imo that’s not the best work flow.

Also the scales list in detect could do with filtering options imo. ie filtering out scales with 0 chords, only scales in C etc.
You could move into the scales section but you lose the information of how many notes & chords are in the scale. I feel i’m not able to explore other scales as much as i would like because of this.

I hope this makes sense.

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Hi @Rosko

This already exists in a way, you can multi-select chords then Right-Click > Explore Common Scales which lists the scales containing those chords.
As you suggest, we could also add a “detect” action to the right click menu potentially. It would show more info about the selected chords and their relation to the detected scale.

Yes this is on the todo list, it will be added at some point, not quite sure when as we have to discuss with the rest of the team.

Thanks for the suggestions,

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I had no idea it was already possible. Will have to give that a go tomorrow.

Just gave it a try & thats been there for a while hasn’t it? :relaxed:. This really does help but unfortunately
it causes a DAW GUI freeze when i select a scale. I tried the previous beta & its the same.

This should have been fixed in latest beta. Which version are you running?

I’m on 2.0b6. Didn’t see 7 i will check it. thanks.

Still freezes after selecting the scale in b7.