Scaler 2 does not allow me to see drop downs in Kontakt Library

When using kontakt and scaler 2 since the latest update, I cannot access my Kontakt instrument drop down folders. When deleting scaler 2 Kontakt works fine. All are up to date.

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@Jesse This is a recent bug in 2.1.1 A fix is coming this week. In the meantime click on AUDIO to disable audio detection which will resolve the bug.

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Thank you for the info, that worked!

Great product by the way…


Wooooo Boy! I grew a few grey hairs over this! :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :joy: :joy:

I clicked and clicked and clicked and i got it to work doing the workaround before i knew it was a workaround but couldn’t repeat it, had a fire chord progression i was itching to get on with. Glad it will be fixed in update. now back to that progression!!

Welcome. Update now available Scaler 2 Latest Version / Updates

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