Scaler 2: Don’t use flashing headlines to say that something is active, it’s killing me

First I thought doing a feature request, but now I start to consider this as a bug. It stops me using Scaler 2.

  • The Perform, Humanize and also other elements are flashing when activated.
  • The ‘play progression’ button is flashing all the time with DAW sync is active.
  • Even the ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’ buttons are flashing when you activate them to bind midi. :slight_smile:

I use this tool in the studio and look at it a long time. Flashing elements are super annoying!
Please give the possibility to stop all the flashing stuff. As an alternative just use the blue color to show when something is enabled.

Please also don’t use flashing for the’play progression’ button with active DAW sync. Even when it would showing the BPM tempo with the flashing, it’s not helpful and makes it difficult to use in the studio.

Please have a look at this. I will stick to Scaler 1 as long as it stays this way. Thanks for your understanding.

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Maybe we can have it as a preference but its really important to let users know something is happening, I like the flashing. Others?

I understand that you want be clear. But flashing is not clear, it’s distracting and yelling at you. :slight_smile: It drives me mad looking at scaler 2 more than some minutes this way. I have it often open for hours on my second screen. 95% of the plugins and programs manage to be clear on that without flashing. On web sites flashing elements are even considered as something to avoid at any cost. I think it should not be a problem to archive clearness with good ui design. And even on a lot of hardware you can turn flashing leds off. From my understanding, flashing is mostly used for life critical things, but not intended for something you’re working with a long time comfortable. When I select some text bold in this editor it’s also not flashing in the toolbar. By the way, I admire the Scaler 1 ui. I never had any problems with it in any way and thought that is was very well made and beautiful too.

I would be extremely thankful for an preferences to turn all flashing elements off. As said before, the features in Scaler 2 are super awesome and I want to use them. I guess that’s why I’m so passionate in that matter. :slight_smile: I’m just not so convinced by some of the ui changes that were made in Scaler 2. And flashing is one thing I really can’t stand.

I don’t say it to push things, I will eventually buy Scaler 2 anyway after the trial :slight_smile: , but frankly speaking, I prefere Scaler 1 to Scaler 2 at the moment. And to a large extend because it’s not flashing, even if it’s missing the new great features.

Lodged and we will consider. To be honest there is room for improvement in overall clarity of UI. We all feel that way.

Much appriciated, thank you!

@davide Something I noticed today. The A/B/C buttons were flashing in Scaler 1 as well. But the frequency or LFO in the background was more pleasant to look at in Scaler 1 for these. It was faster and like a sine from the brightness. In Scaler 2 it’s step, more like a square wave. The smoother sine like flashing is a lot less annoying.

But this is just for the buttons. Doesn’t help for the headlines. :smiley:

Thank you so much for adding a preferences to disable it. It’s working so much better this way for me.