Scaler 2 drag and drop performance midi

Im recording midi on scaler using the performance thing and when i drop the midi into the scaler piano roll it doesnt play what i recorded. just a version of it that has notes missing or just dont play at all. Is that normal?

Do you mean you are using the Detect Mode? Detect is just for chords. It finds the chords in a MIDI performance and lays those out in section A. You can use those chords to create music. Scaler does not record a note by note performance and play that back verbatim. Make sense? Your DAW is for recording performances from Scaler.

No I am using the mode that will make melodies by just pressing a chord. I’m trying to record that and drag it onto a piano roll so I can turn it into an audio clip.

Specifically the scaler piano roll

If you are sending a performance that Scaler created and you want Scaler to play it from the MIDI file you created you need to turn Binding OFF in Scaler so it is only playing the MIDI notes. If you don’t Scaler will continue to be triggered. You also need to turn Performance OFF.

that did the trick. Thank you!