Scaler 2 Drag & Drop Midi Pro tools

I’m having some trouble getting midi into other instruments in pro tools. So I create a new instrument track and in the insert I place Scaler 2. From there I would make another track with say grand piano as the insert.
I create either chords or some type of performance. Drag the midi into the grand piano track. The midi looks like its there but there is no sound. Also it breaks the sound for that track as well. Even if I delete the midi I cannot get any sound out of that track.

I also seen reading to copy the midi to the desktop and then import it in. Now this did work, but if I drag that midi up into a different track it wouldn’t play.

Any ideas?

OK so I just found something. The midi data itself is there. But the volume of the plugin/instrument is getting lowered to off when the midi is dragged and dropped. So for instance in the grand piano the volume dial is simple and I was able to adjust that easily. But in another plugin(synth) the volume was not so easily found. I changed the plugin back to the grand piano raised the volume and then went back to the synth and it worked. I don’t believe this is a feature or supposed to be the intended result when dragging midi.

What version of PT and you are Monitoring the track for playback AFTER you dragged the Midi onto it right?

It’s the latest version of PT Artist 2022.10.0. Yes monitoring after, but the volume of the plugin itself is lowered after dragging the midi onto it. The faders for the track remain default or unchanged.