Scaler 2 - 'Edit chord' in the Builder takes more effort to reach compared to Scaler 1

In Scaler 1 you could just click on the small ‘edit’ below the Builder pads or use the context menu on a pad. The entry was the nearest to the pad.

In Scaler 2 you have to use the context menu and the ‘Edit chord’ is the farthest entry away from the pad. Means a lot of mouse movement to reach it compared to Scaler 1.

I suggest to move the ‘Edit chord’ entry in Scaler 2 context menu to the nearest position to the pad, like in Scaler 1, to reduce this overhead.

Is it an idea to switch to ‘Edit chord’ directly when with click on a pad with the ALT key pressed? :slight_smile:

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Good suggestions. Thank you.


My pleasure. You’re doing something great with Scaler, I used Scaler 1 so much. :slight_smile:

@davide, I had anoher idea were to use a modifer key.

In the top ‘A’ section with the chord presets you had ±semitones and ±octaves in Scaler1.
In Scaler 2 you have only semitones and octave is removed. You have to click 12 times to get an octave or use this big dropdown with the list to set ±12.

What about using also a hotkey to switch by ±12 semitones? So when you click on the arrow to go up or down one semitone, you could press ALT in additon and would jump ±12. This is a lot faster than using the poup menu or clicking 12 times.

The octave switch is something I used often and it was great that it was so quick. Using ALT to archive the octave switch would be helpful to get back to speed again in this matter.

Completely resolved with 2.07. The entry in the context menu is nearest to the pad like in Scaler 1 again and the shift hotkey also works great. Much more fun. Thank you! :clap:

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