Scaler 2 - 'Edit chord' takes a second until I see it

Is this due to more processing from the chord engine?

Compare it in Scaler 1 and Scaler 2 whith ‘Edit chord’ from the context menu on a pad.

Changing to ‘Edit chord’ for a pad takes longer in Scaler 2. Feels like a second here until I see the edit chord view. Is this like expected? In Scaler 1 it was instant after I clicked ‘Edit chord’. Does not create too much harm Just wanted to report. But instant like in Scaler 1 feels better.

Hi @clavia

Scaler 2 does a lot more so it is possible that it is simply slower to load/render the screen.

There are a lot more animation as well which delays the loading a bit. We will see what we can do in terms of optimization.

Alright, thanks for clarifying, @Ed1. Like said, feels nice when instant, but it’s still in a time range were it’s not a problem when it’s due to the more sophisticated possibilities. Just want to see if this is expected or a bug.