Scaler 2 GUI Velocity bug

In Playback I’m trying to save my Scaler 2 GUI Velocity (under OS Ventura) and though I click Set as Default the plug doesn’t store my preference.

Hi @sunbambino,

Are you on an intel Mac or an M1 and what DAW are you using?

When you re-open Scaler does the value stay at what you set as default and only sounds wrong or does the value itself reset back to the original? (ie you move it from 127 velocity to 50 velocity, press ‘Set as Defualt’ and then when you re-open the value is back at 127)

Hi James,

I’m on an M1 and Logic Pro is 10.7.6. If I set Scaler to a lower vel the value remains where I’ve set it in that session. But if I load another instance inside that session it will not be set to my default and I will then have to set it again. Value itself always resets to the original default which is 89 for some reason, not 127.

Hope that helps

Thanks @sunbambino

would you be able to run Logic in Rosetta mode and let me know if you experience the same issue?

Actually I’m using Rosetta most of the time these days, I hardly ever open Logic without it.

Thanks @sunbambino

I am not able to recreate the issues on my end. It’s odd that you have the problems in Rosetta, in that case, would you mind trying it not in Rosetta then? I am trying to figure out what could be causing this.

@Ed1 do you know of any issues with Scaler not saving default Velocities in Ventura?

@james I am not aware of any specific issue in Ventura.

@sunbambino which version of Scaler are you using? We fixed the handling of the velocity in one of the recent updates maybe check if an update improve things.

Are other default settings remembered across sessions or does this affect the velocity setting only?

I’m running 2.7, I haven’t noticed any other defaults not storing but I’ll look into this.

It’s not even restricted to saving across sessions coz if I open another instance of Scaler inside an open session that instance will have defaulted to a Velocity value of 89

Hi @sunbambino

Please be sure to use the latest version of Scaler: 2.7.3, thanks

The latest vs on PLUGIN BOUTIQUE would seem to be 2.7.0

Sorry, there’s a dropdown there frozen on 2.7.0 ??? now installing 2.7.3

You always need to check the drop down list for versions. Seems like it default to the last version downloaded by you.

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Never clocked that dropdown before, all good now with velocity prefs, cheers guys, Frederic, jamieh

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