Scaler 2 - how to use the detection feature with studio one

Hey All. If anyone could tell me how to use the detection feature with Scaler 2 and Studio One, I’d be eternally grateful. I’ve tried dragging the loop onto a Scaler track, I’ve tried playing the track while activating the record button in Scaler, I must be missing something. I’m watching the other DAW tutorials (can’t find one for Studio One) and it must be done a different way, as the way being shown with Logic etc isn’t the same.

THANKS in advance

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Hi @hollyelsworth

To detect chords in Scaler make sure you are routing midi or audio to the track and simply press Record in the Detect screen. If the signal is routed properly Scaler will detect chords when you press play in your DAW.

You can also drag and drop a MIDI file onto Scaler or open an audio file from the “SRC” dropdown in the Detect panel.
When dragging a file, make sure you drag it from a folder on your disk and not from the DAW.

Let me know if that helps,

Was having the same problem and stumbled across the answer. As a test, set up your first track with, let’s say, the freebee Piano V2. Record several chords or play your melody. Now after you’re done, add a Scaler Track below it. On your first track, below the volume bar on the left where it has the instrument symbol, change the selection to Scaler 2 from Piano V2. Now on your Scaler Track below it, you can change the instrument selection back to Piano V2. Now when you play the sequence, the midi will be routed to Scaler and the scaler track will in turn play the Piano V2 plugin. You can now place Scaler in Midi Detect mode and your chords/scales will be detected.

This is a great way of starting to compose on your own but getting some great suggestions on new melodies or bass lines to go along with your song by having Scaler detect what you’ve just done and provide unlimited ideas via the performance menus. When you have a bit of a block for transitioning into a chorus or bridge, or can’t think of a good bass line, this provides the conduit to get your song detected quickly and to then give you the gas to keep going.

Good luck,


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I had no problem with detecting MIDI in Scaler 2, but I couldn’t get it to detect Audio. I went right back to an installation tutorial and found the answer. Scaler 2 Audio is needed and for some reason it is loaded into the Effects list in the Browser of Studio One DAW. (not to be confused with note FX in the Instrument list)
So for audio detection, that is the one to use.
Apparently, a sidechain loading, which I haven’t any knowledge about, is used in other DAWS and the main Scaler 2 can be used for both.
Hope this is helpful too.